Myths about Hypnotherapy

During sessions with clients, as well as when speaking with friends I am often surprised by the misconceptions about hypnotherapy.  In fact one of the reasons I decided to train to be a Hypnotherapist is the mystery about the therapy and my own lack of understanding.

Before my training I had many misconceptions too – I had images of a hypnotherapist clicking their fingers or using a pendulum and the client would instantly fall to sleep – a few words from the hypnotherapist and an instant cure!!   I’m sure many of my views were taken from seeing “performers/stage hypnotists” on the TV.

The truth about hypnotherapy is very different.  Firstly hypnosis is not some magic state that only a few people can achieve – everyone has been in hypnosis many times each day.  Hypnosis or “deep relaxation” or a “selective state of awareness” occurs when our minds concentrate on one particular thing and are so engrossed that whatever’s happening around us are largely ignored.  For example driving from A – B and arriving not remembering the journey, or watching the TV and missing what your partner has just said.

The level of hypnosis or deep relaxation is as individual as we are, some people relax very deeply, whilst for most a medium state of relaxation is achieved.  From feedback from clients and my own experience is that it can feel like the body is very light or that the body is heavy, some see lights or colours behind their eyes whilst you are feeling relaxed and comfortable.  It is not sleep but can feel a little bit like when your body is relaxing down in preparation for sleep.  At all times you are aware of your surroundings, although you may not be taking too much attention, as you are so at ease and relaxed.

During a hypnotherapy session your eyes will usually be closed, whilst I play soothing music and use my therapeutic voice to support you to achieve a deeply relaxed state.  Once you are feeling calm and relaxed you will be very alert and receptive to the beneficial suggestions to give you, to help you to change the way you think about an issue, to stop a particular habit, deal with situations differently etc.  In this deeply relaxed state you do not need to logically process or even listen to the words, as they will be heard by your subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely powerful and work well, the hypnotherapist and client work together as a team.  It is important that the client is motivated and determined for success (if not more so) than the actual therapy work.  I also find that an initial consultation is very important to fully understand the client’s situation, so that I can prepare individual therapy sessions

After watching TV shows where “stage hypnotists” give some amazing and theatrical performances many of us beleive that one session is all it takes for immediate change.  Shows such as these are well known to take months on preparation – working through thousands of volunteers to find the one that is 100% determined and motivated to play their part, who has undergone many tests that show they achieve a very deep level of hypnosis as well as being highly suggestible.

It certainly is true that hypnotherapy can work exceptionally well, quickly and be life-changing, even after one session (e.g. smoking, some habits) however I would recommend and it would be more realistic to complete at least 3 sessions to achieve benefical changes.

In my experience hypnotherapy can be very powerful and achieve wonderful results.  It is an enjoyable experience and an excellent way to relax, chill out and unwind.  Hypnosis (without the therapy element) can also be a great tool for relaxation purposes.   Why not book a Relaxation Session to discover if Hypnotherapy is for you?

Once you tried it you’ll love it.

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