Childbirth and Fertility

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There is nothing more special than a new baby.   A new life brings much change, excitement  and love.  It can also be an extremely anxious, and emotional time for many of us.    Hypnotherapy is helpful to support you in the stages before conception, during pregnancy and labour, and after your baby is born.

Preparation & Planning

Couples sometimes find that conceiving takes longer than expected and decide to use IVF.  Hypnotherapy can be used to support IVF.  The  unconscious mind communicates with the body to follow your wishes to prepare itself for conception.  Hypnotherapy is also useful to aid fertility or increase sperm count.    


You have a new life forming and growing within you and perhaps you would like to make lifestyle changes to be healthier and provide a good environment for baby to grow.  Hypnotherapy helps you to make changes, for example to have a healthy pregnancy, improve your eating habits or provide you with a smoke free pregnancy.  It is also used to reduce or eliminate morning sickness.

It’s not uncommon to be scared or anxious about labour, especially with a first child.  Hypnotherapy is often used to take the fear out of childbirth and help you to be in control, feel relaxed and to look forward to the experience.

If you wish to increase your confidence during pregnancy and to be more in control of your labour and the type of birthing experience you have Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool.  Visualising the childbirth cycle helps you to prepare, feel more relaxed and create your own helpful visualisation for use during labour.   During pregnancy communicating to your baby through hypnotherapy creates a very special bonding experience.

Therapy is also useful when pregnancy does not turn out as planned e.g. to communicate to baby to turn naturally from breech position, to support you for an elective caesarean or for placenta previa issues or when a loss occurs.

New Baby

New babies bring many special moments, however parents often experience anxieties and fears.  Hypnotherapy offers support for new mums and dads  e.g. support for those with premature babies, relaxation and support for those of the receiving end of a crying baby.

Let hypnotherapy support you  you to have a relaxed, calm and confident birthing experience.

Beneficial for all the family – mum, dad and baby.

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