Fears and Phobias

Have you got a fear that is interfering with your life?





Are you fed up of having an unwanted fear/phobia?  Don’t let your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours limit or control you any further. Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in eliminating or reducing unwanted fears, resulting in a happier and more confident you.

Some frequent fears;

Animal/Insects Death Heights/Bridges
Agoraphobia (open spaces) Doctors & Dentists Injections
Authority Driving / Being a Passenger Inserting Contact Lenses
Being Alone Escalators Intimacy
Blood Failure Lifts
Claustrophobia (closed spaces) Fainting Loud Noises
Disosaphobia (hoarding) Flying Needles
Criticisms Germs Panic Attacks
Crowds Ghosts Pregnancy
Dark Growing Old Social Phobias

The unconscious part of the mind is a memory store for every event in our lives.  Sometimes when we have experienced a difficult event in the past the unconscious mind creates a fear or phobia linked to the threat of a particular object, sense, action etc.

Hypnotherapy can eliminate these fears or phobias in a number of ways.     We can work with the source of the problem by reducing the strength of past experiences and reduce the negative throught patterns associated with the fear.    Suggestion work is used to associate more pleasant, relaxing and calming thoughts.

You will be pleased to discover just how easy it is to take control back into your life and elliminate those unwanted fears.

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