Julie offers one-to-one counselling, couple’s counselling, children/young person’s counselling, mediation, coaching and personal development. Referrals are taken from individuals, GPs, organisations and Employee Assistance Programmes.

Clients choose to attend counselling sessions for many different reasons; such as when feeling distressed, to discuss a work or personal issue, health problems, relationship difficulties or personal development. Counselling is also beneficial when you are feeling low or anxious and can’t explain the reason why. Often clients return for adhoc sessions when they are having difficulty with a particular area of their life or wish to off-load.

Whatever your reasons for attending counselling you will be listened to, respected and not judged. Julie will work at your own pace and offers short and long term work as well as one-off sessions. Julie believes that you as a client will know how many sessions you require and when the time has come to end the counselling process. As a guide short term work is typically 6 – 12 sessions.

Counselling increases understanding, improves confidence, benefits general health and wellbeing, as well as greater empowerment and a more positive focus. It is a place to discuss your difficulties and to work towards a beneficial way forward for you.

Julie offers a safe, comfortable and confidential environment to express and work through your thoughts and feelings, without judgement.

Your first appointment with Julie is called an Initial Consultation. This session allows you to ask questions. Julie will collect some personal details and will share information about the therapy.  Time is given for you to start to tell your story or your reasons for therapy.  You will be listened to and respected without judgement.



Dr Stewart Richmond – York University (on behalf of the ACUDep research team)

“We were pleased to include Julie as a counsellor supporting the ACUDep study in the Darlington area. ACUDep is a large randomised controlled trial that aims to compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of acupuncture and counselling for people with moderate to severe depression. Julie made a positive contribution to the research study and her input was valued by research participants. She was both pleasant natured and reliable to work with. Under similar circumstances we would be happy to refer patients to her again.”

David Walker – Former Team Manager, Darlington Schools Counselling Service.

“Julie provided an absolutely invaluable service to children, young people and carers through her work with the Darlington Schools Counselling Service. Julie was particularly noted for the professional relationships she managed to forge and the effectiveness of the work which these facilitated. At all times Julie practices in an ethical, systematic and sensitive way and I would have no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending her to anyone seeking counselling or therapy.”

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