Data and Record Keeping
At your first session, before therapy commences, data will be collected and terms and conditions will be discussed.  Your privacy is taken seriously and all data is held securely and confidentially, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.  Data collected includes: name, address, date of birth, doctor details, contact details, medical details and if you are seeing other professions.  Where personal or doctor details are not provided therapy will be stopped until the information is provided.  Brief session process notes will also be taken at each session as a reminder for the therapist of the therapeutic work undertaken.   For insurance requirements client session records to be kept for at least 7 years following the last occasion of treatment, or/and 7 years following a minor’s 18th birthday.  Records and insurance requirements will be reviewed annually and where appropriate records securely destroyed. 


As each person has a unique and individual problem(s), no therapy or intervention can be guaranteed to succeed. Where the therapist believes that working with the client would not be in their best interest or require GP consent, she will advise the client and where appropriate refer on. The therapist will usually ask for client’s permission to speak to other’s (e.g. GP). Confidentiality may be broken / contact with other professionals made, without agreement if: the therapist believes there is a serious risk of harm to client or others, a child protection issue, to prevent a serious criminal act (e.g. offences under the Road Traffic Act 1988, The Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989 and The Drug Trafficking Offences Act 1986) or when ordered by a court of law. If such situations do arise, the information disclosed will be confined to what is strictly necessary and, wherever possible, the client will be consulted before a disclosure is made. The therapist receives regular supervision, peer support and continuous personal development and training therefore cases may be discussed in other professional settings but identities of clients are kept confidential. Disclosures in the public interest, based on the common law, are made where this is essential to prevent a serious and imminent threat to public health, national security, the life of the individual or a third party, or to prevent or detect serious crime. This may become relevant if I contract the Covid-19 and are obliged to inform the NHS of people I’ve been in contact with (face-to-face). In this case, I may need to share your name and contact details, but not the context in which I know you. However, you may be contacted by the NHS.

To uphold confidentiality, communication outside of booked therapy sessions will be kept to a minimum, this is especially the case where a contract has not been signed and agreed to.   My preferred communication is via email.  I usually respond back to emails within 24 hrs in working hours, however please be mindful that I may have a full days of clients work, be attending training or on leave of absence.  I will respond back at my earliest convenience.  I am unable to offer crisis intervention, for any immediate concerns contact your GP, A&E or local Crisis Team for support.

Clients Wellbeing & Readiness
Client agrees to let Julie know if there are any changes to medication/medical conditions or other issues, especially those which may have an effect on the therapeutic intervention.  It is the responsibility of the clients to seek GP approval if they are under medical treatment.  Therapies are to compliment GP treatment.  For certain medical conditions treatment may be stopped until GP / Consultant approval has given.  Please ensure that you have not been drinking alcohol of taking drugs before any session when they may be still in your body.

Attending Sessions/Remote Sessions

Clients are responsible for attending at the time of their session. Arriving late will result in a shorter session. Each session lasts 50 mins, unless agreed otherwise.   On occasions where a client is late for a session the therapist will usually wait up to 20 minutes, however the session will not be extended beyond the original ending time.   Clients take responsibility for attendance of their therapy sessions or/and engaging in the therapy process. Clients have the autonomy to leave the therapy process at any time. It is the client’s responsibility to enquire about availability and it is often advisable to book session in advance, Julie can’t not be held responsible if sessions are unavailable. If attended a face to face session please arrive as close to your appointment time, early arrival may interrupt another client’s appointment. If attending remotely please set up the video conferencing (if appropriate) ahead of the start of the session (instructions will be sent) and find a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Head phones for video conferencing and telephone sessions can be useful for better sound quality and confidentiality. Do not record any part of the session or let anyone listen to or record any part of the session (unless prior agreed by Julie).


Payments are required in advance on booking a session.  Fees charged are for therapist’s time, training and experience.  Non-attendance, re-scheduling or cancellation of a booked appointment without 48hrs notice will result in the full fee being due for payment.   On occasions where fees haven’t been paid in advance and 48 hrs notice is not given of a cancellation, an invoice will be sent to you via email or post after 7 days of non-payment.   Bookings of further appointments will require payments to be settled and a payment received to secure a further session.  Fees are shown on the company website.  (www.symmetrytherapy.co.uk) and are subject to change.

Package bookings are to be paid for in full at the start of the first therapy session.  Where a pre-paid session is not attended, cancelled or re-scheduled without the required 48hrs notice, fees are non-refundable or transferable.  If you wish to book a further session this will incur the appropriate additional payment.   Gastric Band Package is typically completed within 8 weeks for effectiveness, where sessions haven’t been taken within a period of 14 weeks the package will expire.   Other package bookings and gift vouchers will expire after 6 months duration.  Where packages or vouchers have expired no refund or part refunds are available.

Working with Young People
Written parental/guardian consent is usually required when working with anyone below the age of 16 years, unless in exceptional situations and when the young person is deemed as having Gillick competency (level of maturity).

Clients from Employee Assistance Programmes & Affiliate Work
Terms and conditions can vary for the clients that I see via Employee Assistance Programmes.  Terms and conditions will be discussed thoroughly before and during your first session.   EAP schemes are responsible for setting their own terms and conditions and the collecting and storage of client data.

Session Recordings
On occasions a session may be recorded, either for a client’s use of therapist’s ongoing training and supervision.  Clients will be asked in advance.  If you receive a recording this is for your own use, we do not guarantee that the recording will be audible, fully intact, or usable.  We will not be responsible for nor issue replacements for defective or damaged recordings.  Recording’s are for the client’s own use only and are not permitted to be distributed to others.  Recordings are deleted shortly after the sessions, where appropriate.  Sessions are not routinely recorded.


Please following current guidelines.   (Do not attend sessions if: you are Covid-19 Positive, you have been advised to isolate, you have Covid-19 symptoms).  You will be offered to work remotely and can return back to face to face therapy when you have no symptoms and you have had 2 consecutive negative covid tests.

Therapy endings are usually agreed together following a piece of work, however in the unlikely event that terms and conditions are not adhered to, clients are not respectful of the therapist or therapist’s time or in situations where the therapists feels that client would benefit seeing another professional, the continuation of the therapeutic relationship will be reviewed.  Clients can end therapy at any time.

I welcome feedback following sessions.   Any feedback received will be kept confidential, unless permission is given to share anonymously.

If you have any queries please contact me on julie@symmetrytherapy.co.uk


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