Pain Relaxation

We can all deal with a certain amount of aches and pain.  It is when this pain is constant, of a high level, feels unmanagable that it can effect others parts of our life: our work, social and personal life, activity level and energy level.  Over time this can lead to low confidence, low self esteem or low mood.

Pain can be reduced or relieved by a number of different methods, for example;

  • imagery can be used to take you on a journey to a special place/past event where the pain can be controlled or doesn’t exist.  During hypnosis you can be shown how to easily transfer these soothing, relaxing, pain-free feelings to the here-and-now and reduce the pain
  • energising / healing hypnotherapy to relax, mend, heal and re-energise the body and mind
  • suggestion techniques are used to heal, cool, warm, relax particular areas of the body

At the initial appointment a detailed report of your areas of pain and goals will be taken, with your GP’s approval sessions will be created to meet your particular circumstances.



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