Smoking Cessation

counselling and hypnotherapy

Do You Want To :

Have more money
Improve your health and live longer
Smell great
Have younger looking skin
Have more energy
Be a natural non-smoking
Feel in control and not ruled by smoking
Clear your body of poisonous toxins
Stop your second-hand smoke damaging the health of your family and loved ones
Stop smoking easily and naturally
Feel proud of yourself for quitting

A Common Myth – Smoking Does Not Relax You!

Many people claim they smoke to relax – the opposite is true.

When you smoke your heart rate soars and your whole nervous system is stimulated into greater agitation. A cigarette gives you a two minute fix of dopamine (brain chemical that feels good) combined with 48 hours of an agitated nervous system. You continue to smoke for that good feeling to counteract the agitation.  Only it increases the agitation more…and the cycle continues.

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