Anger – Question your rules

We all have our own rules and morale’s which we abide by.  Sometimes we expect others to work by our own rules.

If you are become agitated or angry when others don’t treat you as you would them, remind yourself that every one is unique, has had a different upbringing, different experiences, a unique personality and therefore very different rules for themselves.

Anger Management

If your rules are causing you frustrations / anger use this checklist for each rule

  1. Is this a rule you want to live by?
  2. Where does this role come from?
  3. Decide whether you want to keep this rule. (can it be updated or changed)
  4. Practise using the new version of your rule

Remember if your own rules are causing you more pain than happiness maybe it’s time to evaluate whether it’s in your best interests to implement – usually a small change or adaption alleviates further bitterness.

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